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Trixy Magazine on CD


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Back in the 1940s a lot of young magical enthusiasts like me joined the Boy Magicians’ Club in Prestatyn, North Wales. The club was run by a Mr Rees who I believe was not only a magician but also performed a marionette show. Mr Rees produced the Trixy - a wonderful little magic magazine - and from this magazine many of us young enthusiasts learnt the basics of magic. Eddie Burke was a member and a lot of us older magicians were subscribers. Perhaps Terry Herbert as well. I must ask him. Once we started to subscribe to the magazine and had joined the Boy Magicians’ Club we were entitled to wear a little button badge portraying a rabbit coming out of a hat. It was printed in black on a white background, I think.

The Trixy was a little unusual in that it consisted of 24 monthly issues but none of the issues were dated. As soon as you joined the club you would receive issue number one and a month later issue number two and so on until you had received a total of 24 monthly issues. I believe that at times you were allowed to buy two or three issues in one go. A few years ago I was able to purchase a small collection of Trixy magazines (at a very high price indeed and now lost by my scanning people in India) and I noticed that there were, in some instances, slightly different duplicate copies of the magazines in the set of 24 which meant that over the years Mr Rees changed and modified the magazines as they were published. I don’t seem to remember that the changes were substantial but they were there.

Mr Rees also issued a wonderful catalogue of magic and I worked my way through it over several years and bought my very first tricks in this way. The set of 24 issues of the Trixy and the catalogue of magic are reproduced here on this CD-Rom and I have a very strong suspicion that the release of this CD-Rom is going to take a lot of magicians – who like me were young lads in the 1940s - on a long and happy trip down memory lane.

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