About Martin Breese International

The business was set up by Martin Breese who was a keen magician, a publisher of magic, a magic impresario as well as something of a polymath with interests in photography, writing, publishing and much more. 

He was a great innovator, starting the business by taking recordings of famous magicians such as Chan Canasta, David Berglas and many, many more. He captured  many of their secrets for posterity to be shared with other magicians through his Magicassettes series. He went on to publish numerous books, create a large number of tricks and effects and working with, and encouraging magicians both new and established. 

He died in 2012 and the business, and the many copyrights that Martin has are now owned by Chris Wasshuber of Lybrary.com. John Hinchliffe worked for Martin for many years before he died, and continues to operate the business from Brighton UK.