Sorcerer CD

Sorcerer CD

Martin Breese

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The SORCERER started life as was Martin Breese’s in-house dealer magazine during his magical heyday in London in the 1980s. 

The CD combines the original Newsletter and the subsequent Sorcerer Magazine and is wonderful historic source. Most issues have excellent original tricks from many big names and numerous contributions from Stephen Tucker and David Britland. Other contributors included: Peter McDonald, Hiruhito Hirata, Max Maven, Harry Seed, Ken de Courcy, Basil Horwitz, Bill Zavis, John Mendoza, Paul Hallas, Michael Austin, Reinhard Muller, Bob Quilietti, Paul Brignal, Al Smith, Amos Hudini, Simon Dixon, Solyl Kundu, Alex East, Jim Adams, Henrique, John Jarvis, Nigel Backhurst and even Martin Breese. There were reprints of good material too from Eddie Joseph and Edward Victor. 

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