Shufton's Portal

Shufton's Portal

Martin Breese Magic

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The prop is a neatly made and completely examinable black wooden board roughly the size of a jumbo playing card. In the centre is a round hole. Anything that passes through the hole - The Portal into another dimension you might call it - undergoes a change. You put a white ball through the hole and it turns green or yellow. You put a small ball through the hole and it changes into a large ball. It is simply staggering and almost beyond belief. The board can be used to change a ball into a coin or one coin into another. The board is shown both sides and your hands are shown empty. The Portal comes with some extra bits and pieces including a number of coloured balls and the instructional DVD.

John, Many thanks for your quick dispatch of the Portal. I think this has to be one of the best bargains I’ve bought in some time. Paul 

There is almost no need for sleight of hand because the board does all the work for you. There are no slots or extra holes in the board or Portal. The board can be examined and basically there is nothing to be found. Most effects are automatically re-set. You can extend the routines by adding your own items that you can disappear, or appear into the portal.

Steve Shufton describes his wonderful effect as follows and everything he has to say is completely true:

"The absolutely perfect trick for table-hopping, walk around or seated performance in any close up or parlour venue at any time.
The instructional DVD by David Regal (a great magical creator himself) is exciting to watch and provides dozens of excellent handling and visual routines.

Martin Breese was so impressed by this effect that he bought loads of them and even demonstrated it himself. His friend Leonardo thinks that this is one of the best tricks he has ever seen.

The original price was £39.50. Now for just £15.00