Learn to Levitate

Learn to Levitate

Michael Maxwell

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Defy gravity and learn the secrets on how to levitate money, matches, cards, knives, canes, balls and even yourself. 

Routines covered are : The Floating Dollar Bill (with Thread Reel) , The Floating Dollar Bill (featuring the "Burr Secret") The Levitating Dollar Bill , The Floating Match (Invented by Ben Harris. For more details see Cosmosis.) , Swiss Movement (Paul Harris' Animated Pocket Knife) , The Floating Card , The Dancing Cane , The Floating Ball (for stage) , The Balducci Levitation (Floating yourself!).

On Learn to Levitate, you will learn how to make objects float in mid-air...items like money, matches, cards, knives, canes, balls and the coup de gras, yourself! With no special gimmicks whatsoever, you can give the perfect illusion of levitating yourself right off the ground. And even more, it's easy to do.