Kaps Smoking Thumb Gimmick

Kaps Smoking Thumb Gimmick

Martin Breese

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Here is a complete routine by Pat Page together with the top secret professional gimmick which is hand-made using brass and teflon.

The Smoking Thumb effect is one of the most magical feats possible. Made famous by Laurel and Hardy, Ade Duval and the incomparable Fred Kaps it has become one of the most sought after secrets of the stage performer. At last we are able to offer a professional gimmick (identical to the one used by Fred Kaps) which makes this unusual routine possible. 

Imagine reaching into the air, forming hour hand into a pipe, your thumb protruding upward like a stem, and being able to create clouds of smoke at will, just as if you were smoking your thumb. This well-made gimmick, together with Pat Page's excellent routined instructions will help you to do just that.

The effect is always under your control and may be used at any point in the act. No chemicals are involved and it is not technically difficult to do but it does require proper presentation. With some hard work on your part this could be the feature item in your act. If you have ever seen Fred Kaps live or on video performing this amazing effect you will know how powerful and baffling it can be.