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Toony Angel


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Toony Angel builds on the basic idea to use a deck of cards as a flip book, but rather than animate a cartoon character on the back, the angel on the bicycle, from the Bicycle back design, starts to cycle towards you, zips around on the back of the card and finally reveals a card which was stuck between the wheel's spokes - of course it is the chosen card.

The most successful effect of this kind was Dan Harlan's CardToon where a deck of cards doubled as a flip book. Riffling through the cards one would see a cartoon magician drawn on the backs find and reveal a chosen card. This effect was a huge success, potentially it was the most successful magic trick of all times (my guess, I don't really know).

Is this better than CardToon? That is probably more a matter of taste than anything else. The fact that the angel on the back starts to move and cycle around is a big surprise for spectators. The deck can even be spread a bit without revealing any markings on the cards. In that sense the deck allows for more casual handling without giving anything away before the trick has started.

You will receive a specially printed deck and an instruction booklet