Horwitz Add-a-Number Pad.

Horwitz Add-a-Number Pad.

Basil Horwitz

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The Add-a-Number pad is one of our best selling items. It is based on the principle of the Basil Horwitz Wallet with the hip-pocket sized leather writing pad locking firmly using embedded magnets. It is a tool that allows a whole range of mentalist effects effective on both large and small audiences. The instruction booklet includes full performance descriptions of four stunning routines. We are sure you will be able to add your own. This new batch is made with even higher quality leather than earlier batches..

The Pad can be used without the physical intervention of the performer. For instance, it is passed from one spectator to the next and each is asked to write numbers in sum-form. The last but one spectator is asked to close the pad and then to throw it on to someone else in the audience. The next time the wallet is opened the sum facing the spectator is the forced sum and the real sum is tightly locked away.

Similar effects might force today’s date or a name or a telephone number. One great routine starts when you hand a member of the audience a sealed paper bag with a big question mark on it. Once again the pad is passed around and the final spectator adds up the sum and calls out the total which the magician writes on a large sheet of white paper. The performer asks for someone in the audience with a mobile phone to phone the actual number now written on the large sheet of paper. He or she phones the number and a mobile phone can be heard ringing in the audience. It is the mobile phone which was in the sealed paper bag and when answered the two spectator find that they are speaking to each other..

Credit for the creation of this brilliant pad should go to Tony Curtis in Thailand who makes the Horwitz Wallet for me and it is Tony who came up with the idea of using the same principle for the Horwitz Add-A-Number Pad.