Sensor Envelope - Pack of 20

Sensor Envelope - Pack of 20

Martin Breese

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The Working Performer’s Sensor Envelope allows for a host of mentalist effects. You can perform sealed message reading acts without using one-ahead methods. Almost as soon as you pick up the relevant envelope you know what is written inside. No sleight of hand or flaps or cuts or slits.

These sealed message envelopes are standard playing card sized and come ready to be made up.  You need a glue stick and ideally wear latex gloves whilst folding them to prevent the envelopes from being marked.  Twenty envelopes are provided with an eight-page instruction booklet. 

"The Sensor envelope...well, I thought of everything it might be and I was still nowhere close! It is just so ingenious. It has been a long time since I last got something that over delivers on its promises and it just makes me smile to use it. "
John Young, UK

"I just got my hands on the sensor envelope, and I must say that my head is spinning. Although I must admit I am guilty of playing with it before reading the instructions, I can safely say the idea is pure genius. I have in one swoop removed all dirty work from my routines involving billets. "  
Jamie Morgon of Cornwall