Chan Canasta - Book of Oopses - NEW

Chan Canasta - Book of Oopses - NEW

Chan Canasta

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This is a collection of experiments in which the book itself plays the part of the mind-reader. Canasta's original booklet is very rare and this re-print is of greatly improved quality.

The book contains a collection of exciting mind reading tricks in which the Book itself actually plays the role of performer. You, the Reader, are the spectator, so to speak, of the book’s performance for each trick. 

You will follow a series of simple, clearly written instructions which will lead you to make the choice of a card, a number, a symbol, a name, etc. Then after carrying out the instructions you will turn to the page indicated and to your complete mystification and amusement you find that the book knows exactly what you are thinking.

Well, in many cases the working of the trick is certain, depending on logical or mathematical principles that are cleverly concealed. In other cases, the tricks are of a psychological character, so designed that they are successful only about 80 per cent of the time.

The book does not attempt to teach you how to perform magic tricks. Nor does it explain exactly how its own startling effects are achieved. It is a book of novel entertainment, but will provide ideas for your own routines.

Soft cover 48pp