Martin Breese

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A spectator is given a pack of alphabet cards to examine and shuffle. The shuffled cards are handed to the performer who picks up a wooden box and lifts off the lid to reveal that inside there is a combination lock. The combination lock is operated by letters of the alphabet and not by numbers.

The performer demonstrates that the lock can be opened by keying in a word. Only the performer knows the secret word. The lock opens and a borrowed ring is put onto the padlock which is locked again. Audience members can try to open the padlock with any word they choose but the lock will not open.

The spectator is now asked to deal the top five cards from the shuffled pack face-up onto the table and to see if he can make a five letter word. Let us assume that the word MATCH is the only word that can be made. The spectator puts the word into the padlock and it springs open. The borrowed ring is retrieved and handed back again.

The padlock and cards are completely unfaked. 
Everything you need is supplied, including the 
hand-crafted Wooden Box, the Word-Lock Padlock and Alphabet Cards.