Ted Lesley's Working Deck Performer's Manual

Ted Lesley's Working Deck Performer's Manual

Ted lesley

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The 52 page manual includes one set of marking materials. Some are Martin Breese’s original publication, others are the Magic City re-print. They are all in new condition. The manual was put together my David Britland and Ted Lesley and illustrated by Eric mason and Jat. The instructions for preparing the deck are accompanied by routines from a number of contributors.

Routines are: 

Impossible Card Location
The Spectator as Mentalist
Marked Stacks
Photostatic Reflexes
Mental Wonder
Do as I do 1,2 and3
The Doubled Thought
Perfect Harmony
Impossible Coincidence
A Letter from Punx
The Lucky Card
Twice Blessed
What the Stars Foretell
Parapsychic Control
The Peek Pack Prediction
Jumbo Marked Cards