Set of seven sundry props and parts

Set of seven sundry props and parts

Martin Breese Magic

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Set of items from a box of interesting bits and pieces - I don't know what these are really for.

1. is Vanishing Cane - a metal coil that pulls out about 40cm and springs back. It is missing the knob on the metal handle.

2. is a 15cm metal hinged hallow tube that opens and closes. Inside is a cup on a hook that can hold items - this one has a silk inside.

3. Is a wooden holder Ok for a deck of cards plus an old brass wind-up mechanism with a rubber wheel that then turns. Presumably a rising card mechanism.

4. Is some sort of metal stand..

5. Are two home-made looking colour change hankerchief gimmicks - each with a sling inside that could hold silks or similar.

6. Is a heavy metal bill tube-type thing with what appears to be a wick at the end. I can't make it do anything.

7. Is a pair of mahogany blocks that can be swung open and inside each is a coin sized well.