Psycho Deck - Inspired by Wolfgang Riebe

Psycho Deck - Inspired by Wolfgang Riebe

Martin Breese

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The trick is easy to perform and completely baffling. It is inspired by Wolfgang Riebe

David Britland has written the instructions and illustrated them and all is contained in a neatly printed 16 page booklet.

Here is the basic effect and there are a number of other effects that can be performed as well.

The performer spreads a deck of cards face-up showing the cards to be all different. He turns them face-down and spreads them in front of a spectator so that one card can be taken.

The magician asks the spectator to remember the card that he chose but the spectator laughs and tells the performer that the card he chose from the deck is in fact a blank-faced card.

“I have no idea how that happened,” says the magician, “but I said you have a free choice and you really do. Just imagine any card you like and write its initial down.” The magician gives the spectator a pen and the initials of the thought-of-card are written on the card which is then returned face down into the deck of cards. The deck is put back in its box and now immediately the magician can name the card correctly.

The magician could tell the spectator that he doesn’t like card tricks in any case and the spectator is invited to write any word on the card. The card is placed back face-down in the deck which is returned to the box and again immediately the magician knows the very word selected. The possibilities are enormous. No sleight of hand is required at all. And trust me the trick is completely baffling. I don’t want to embarrass any of my knowledgeable friends by giving their names but you would be astounded if you knew who had been fooled.

This is my best card trick and I am doing it all the time. When the card is returned to the deck, the deck is not cut and there is absolutely no funny business at all. Mirrors are not used and there is no rough and smooth and best of all not one single sleight. Many routines are included and they are all great.

The deck supplied is a poker-size bicycle deck.