Market Update - Magazine test

Market Update - Magazine test

Martin Breese

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Market Update is the lazy man’s way of performing Al Koran’s Headline Countdown  Al Koran published the method and secret for his routine in his book Al Koran’s Legacy.  It was his favourite closing effect but unfortunately the method described in the book just wouldn’t work and the secret was protected for many years until Graham Jolley decided to go and see Al Koran when he was working locally.  He booked for every night of the show and watched and finally understood the working and now this is one of Graham Jolley’s favourite closers.   MAGIC  Magazine recently devoted several pages to this effect and a write up of it by Graham Jolley.  The method now correctly described in the latest edition of Legacy does require advance preparation and a considerable amount of memory work or - if not that - a written crib. 

Martin Breese's own version of the effect MARKET UPDATE does away with all of that and the effect is actually self-working with assistance from Larry Becker and instructions edited by David Britland  So much so that two spectators following your instructions can do the effect themselves in front of the audience.

You get a 9 page instruction booklet, 25 of the special insert sheets, and a sample magazine - you can replace this with your own of similar size. 

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