Magicassettes on CD

Magicassettes on CD

Martin Breese Magic

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In the 1980s Martin Breese pioneered recordings of the great and famous people in the magic world. These were known as Magicassettes and have magicians explaining their routines or chatting about the history of magic. We have David Berglas explaining the Berglas Effect and Robert Harbin telling his life story. Eventually, of course, the cassettes were made digital and sold on CDs. Now the full collection of 80 recordings is only available to download on

The original recordings will not be re-published, but I still have some of the CDs left.  You can order any of these for £5 each. These are raw CDs with no fancy packaging.The list is below:

Billy McComb

The Professional Touch. 4 Volumes; 5CDs

Chan Canasta

Remarkable Man

David Berglas

Interviewed by Martin Breese

James Randi

Exposes Uri Geller

Paul Gordon

Secrets of a Commercial Card Magician

Percy Press

A Traveller's Tale

Richard Webster

How to profit From Cold Reading

Richard Webster

Further Commercial Cold reading

Robert Harbin

Interviewed by Martin Breese

Sid Lorraine

The Incredible Dr Jaks

Terry Seabrooke

A Master Class in Comedy

The Piddingtons

Presented by James Wiley and Patrick Page

Tony Shiels

Supernatural and Bizarre Magic

Trevor lewis

How to Entertain Children