Lota Pot - Advance Orders accepted

Lota Pot - Advance Orders accepted

Martin Duffy

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The Lota Pot is one of our most consistent sellers and we have re-stockeed on these many times.

This is an amazing little Ceramic Lota Pot made by hand by a potter. They all vary slightly in colour and size. It is a little work of art and once filled it can pour the most amazing amount of water or fluid of your choice.  Empty the vase by turning it upside down and then pouring out some water and then again and again and again. 

When Martin Duffy had the pot ready he wrote to me and he said that he had used a pot like this that he got from Mary Tomich in the USA and he used it in every Environmental Magic show that he has done for the last 4 years.  He also used the Lota Pot to open eleven school shows that he did in a week for South Tyneside International Week.   I must point out that Martin Duffy obtained permission from Mary Tomich to actually have the pots made by a British potter and he has appointed me as the sole person to offer them for sale.

He uses Mary Tomich's routine which is called the Shaman's Vision and he also uses the Christian Chelman routine which is really a fantastic bit of story telling about a pot and money that was kept in the pot and then suddenly water appears etc etc.

This is really a wonderful prop and half a dozen magic friends who have seen the Lota Pot in action have been incredibly impressed.  So there you have it.

Comes with full instructions and suggested patters.