Jardine Ellis Shoelace Routine

Jardine Ellis Shoelace Routine

Martin Breese

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Ring off Shoelace Routine by Lewis Ganson

The original Jardine Ellis effect was to pass a solid ring on to a walking stick. Magicians have employed the same apparatus to produce different effects, the most popular being to pass the ring on and off a ribbon. 

Like many things in magic, the Jardine Ellis ring was popular for a time, when it was put on the market, and then interest waned. Years later it was revived and a new generation of magicians produced refreshingly new ideas.

Whether what we are supplying could more accurately be described as a Hong Kong coin I do not know but with this prop the existing Hong Kong coin routine can be performed as can an excellent Horace Bennett effect which is described and routined by Ganson. The routine is supplied together with a shoelace and the two part prop nicely turned from brass.