Classic Indian Street Magic

Classic Indian Street Magic

Martin Breese

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Here is some amazing 1920’s film footage capturing street magicians at work with some of the great Indian classics that are so rarely seen by Westerners.

Much of the material on the DVD (it is accompanied by an exciting musical track) is explained in the 40-page booklet that has been re-issued for the first time since it was published many years ago.

You will see great performances of the Indian Cups and Balls, the production of nine tiny birds under a basket, the Hindu String Trick, The Mango Tree Trick plus much, much more.

The highlight of the recording comes at the very end and takes me back to the year 1944 when I was young and had never seen a magician. I was taken by my grandmother to the Westminster Theatre in London to see three of the biggest names in magic – then and now – Robert Harbin, Jasper Maskelyne and, to top it all, Kuda Bux doing his amazing Blindfold Act. What an introduction to magic and from that moment on I was bitten by the magic bug! And back to the highlight of this recording: Kuda Bux when he was a young man performing the Fire Walk in England. What a delight to see him again.