Great Scott It's Magic

Great Scott It's Magic

Martin Breese

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Ten great routines include new takes on classic and new effects 
demonstrated and explained by Scott Guinn. 

Routines are:

  • Idaho Travelers: A simple, strong version of the Vernon classic. 
  • A Visit to Boise: Scott's streamlined handling of Larry Jennings' "The Visitor". 
  • Red Hot Mama's Lips: Red Hot Mama with a charming theme and a killer kicker! 
  • Peanut, Butter & Jelly: Scott's favourite effect. Many have called this the best sponge ball routine out there! 
  • Magic Western Union: Larry Jennings exclaimed that this was the best presentation for "Flying Eagles" he'd ever seen! 
  • Universal Appeal: A very easy but extremely powerful "Universal Card" routine. 
  • What the ...? Super easy effect inspired by Marlo’s "Devilish Miracle". 
  • Treasure Valley Twist: Yes, it's a "twisting" routine - but just wait until you see it! 
  • Simply Stop: Simple in method, strong in impact. 
  • Magic Jumprope: Kids show rope routine - lots of fun!