Espionage Wallet. Just one left. Half Price

Espionage Wallet. Just one left. Half Price

Kieron Kirklands

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Kieron Kirkland’s Espionage Wallet takes elements from Peter Nardi’s Assassin and Infinity Wallets, and adds new features to produce a really versatile prop. This hip wallet is a fantastic quality and opens fully to hold banknotes and cards.

Here are the features which it contains:

No palm card to wallet; Palm card to wallet; Billet to wallet; Clever internal peek; External peek; Perfect switch wallet; SUC function; Holdout system; Billet index; Card index; Shogun system.

Each wallet has been crafted from high quality leather and comes complete with an instructional DVD (which runs for over 1Hr 40 Minutes) packed full of routines including handling's & tips.