Eric Mason's Pandora - vintage - need minor repairs

Eric Mason's Pandora - vintage - need minor repairs

Martin Breese Magic

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Martin Breese made his own version of Eric Mason's Pandora that sold out out some time ago.

We have some of the original versions - probably belonging to Eric himself and all in very nice and vintage fob watch cases. These all need a bit of attention but the basic mechanism is in place. With a bit of time you can repair and clean and customise to be really effective. The instructions for the trick are provided and will enable you to get the gimmick as you would like it.

There is a spring stuck into each of the watch cases. At the end of the spring is some blue-tac or similar to which you can stick a chosen card and with a little dexterity make it appear as if it leaps out of the watch.  Its a great and surprising and funny effect. 

Last one available at just £12 each.