Card dice - Last one

Card dice - Last one

Martin Breese

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A nice effect - a sort of mentalist's Rubic Cube.

Show the audience six small cubes. Display each one separately to show that each cube has six sides, each one showing one segment of a playing card. The faces are all different.

The cubes are now stacked on top of each other forming two stacks of three dice each. Their faces are mixed up and do not yet show any particular card (see above). The two stacks of dice are place side by side and shown from all sides. Their faces are all completely mixed up........

Full instructions provided.

Beautiful effect. Completely inexplicable, even to magicians. Easy to do. No sleight-of-hand necessary. The props are constructed in such a way that they do all the work for you. This lets you concentrate entirely on the presentation. Nice hand made props. A sixth of one playing card is glued each face of each die (36 faces in all). These cubes can be arranged and stacked in a completely random order and you can always show your audience this before proceeding with normal-sized playing card for close-up work.