Al Koran's Secrets -  Last Copy

Al Koran's Secrets - Last Copy

Breese, Graham Jolly

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This is the final work of Martin Breese’s long career in magic. So determined was he to see this produced that whilst ill he forced the hospital to send him home for the filming. He had a great passion for the work of AL Koran and great respect for Graham Jolley – ‘Britain’s most baffling mind reader’. 

Martin had spent many years trying to bring these together and the passion and humour is evident as they talk about their hero. The two discuss the life of Al Koran and Graham Jolley demonstrates and explains Al Koran routines often with his own twist added.

Routines include: 
Five Star Miracle Wallet
Card Stab
Himber Dictionary
Lazy Magician’s Card Trick
Three Rings, Medallion.