Phantom of the Wallet

Phantom of the Wallet


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A beautifully made hip-pocket sized leather switch wallet is supplied along with blank cards and instruction booklet to perform the Phantom routine. The wallet with it’s double zippered compartment could be used to create you own routines. The Phantom routine is devised by Peter Duffie.

A spectator selects a card, signs his name on it, after which the card is lost back in the deck. He is shown two blank cards. These, you state, are special printing plates that only spirits can write upon. The printing plates are placed inside the leather wallet. After a moment, the spectator removes the plates from the wallet and is amazed to discover the name of his card written on both printing plates. A great trick! But there’s more.

The performer now calls upon the spirits to teleport the signed card from the pack, across the ether and into the wallet. The zippered compartment in the wallet is slowly opened and the spectator removes the contents – it’s his signed selection! A fantastic trick!

No palming or other difficult sleights.
Automatically resets.
Comes complete with superb special wallet 
and full illustrated instructions.
You can use any poker deck.