Spell-Binder Magazine on CD

Spell-Binder Magazine on CD

Stephen Tucker

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All three volumes of the classic Spell-binder magazine. There are over 700 pages of close up magazine edited by Stephen Tucker. Over 50 contributors provided effects and there are a total of 354 effects within the three volumes.

The list of contributors is overwhelming with the very best of the close up workers from around providing brilliant material which editor Stephen Tucker badgered them into contributing. David Britland alone contributed 40 items, there were 6 new effects from Basil Horwitz, 4 from Jerry Sadowitz, 2 from Gazzo, 5 from Gordon Bruce, 3 from Roy Walton,. To continue the list: 9 from Phil Goldstein, 12 from Reinhard Muller, 5 from Al Smith 2 from Bobby Bernard, 4 from Harvey Rosenthal, 7 from Ian Land, 12 from Paul Brignal, 7 from Peter Duffie, 6 from Roger Curzon, 6 from Shiv Duggal, 7 from Wayne Dobson and 109 from Stephen Tucker.

Other distinguished contributors include: Alex East, Bill Worsley, Colin Linn, Daniel Kalanofski, Dave Hambly, David Austin, David Robertson, Derek Robbins, Don Allessadnro Riario-Sforza, Dr Peter Moffat, Joe Dignam, John Fealey, John McClements, Mark Lee, Mark Russell, Martin Breese, Pascal Monmoine, Roger Crosthwaite, Simon Whitby, Steven Hamilton, Ted Lesley, Tim Gan (who under a new name was behind the famous pop group, Bomb the Base), Walt Lees and many more.

Spell-Binder Magazine was one of the most radical and different close up magazines of the 1980's and it was illustrated throughout by Stephen Tucker and along with Pabular was considered to be an important contribution to the art of close up magic in Britain. The magazine was produced mainly during the period when Stephen Tucker and David Britland worked at the Magic Lounge which was a studio I ran in London for several years. The Spell-Binder magazine has been scanned from the original issues most of which are now unobtainable.

 You can also get a downloadable version from Lybrary.com. Click  HERE