Magic Wand magazine - Last Copy - lacks Vol 3

Magic Wand magazine - Last Copy - lacks Vol 3

George Armstrong

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The complete run of the magazine is a set of three DVDs. This last set lacks the third DVD, so only Volumes 1 to 30 re included. Hence the special low price.

THE MAGIC WAND magazine ran from 1910 and continued for 256 issues until 1957. It was edited first by George Munro and then by George Johnson and then by George Armstrong. Contributions were made by the greatest magicians of the era. Professor Hoffman was a regular contributor. There are reports of Chung Ling Soo’s stage shows and countless articles about Houdini. There is the serial publication of the Annals of Conjuring – over five years. Many of the great illusions of today had their first showing on the pages of the Magic Wand. 

The magazine was painstakingly scanned and put on three CDs .

You can also get a downloadable version from Click  HERE